Qatar Museums AuthorityRelics: Damien Hirst

Relics: Damien Hirst is the Qatar Museums Authority’s major new show at their Alriwaq Doha exhibition space. This is the artist’s first solo exhibition in the Middle East. It is also the largest show of his career. As in our past collaborations, we have interfered as little as possible with the original work, concentrating on the quality of the merchandise and the clarity of the design to ensure that these objects reflect in detail the powerful beauty of the art.

QMA: Damien Hirst, Beautiful, childish... painting, 1996. Wax crayon set.QMA / Relics Damien Hirst, Beautiful, mis-shapen...painting, 1995. Beach towelQMA: Damien Hirst, Beautiful, childish... painting, 1996. Giant bone-china platter.QMA: Damien Hirst, For the Love of God, 2007. IPhone cover.QMA: Damien Hirst, Beautiful, childish...painting, 1996. Cotton t-shirt