OxfamCards 2016

Kit Grover curated a group of greetings cards for the Christmas season

Bob and Roberta Smith It’s that time of year again! 2016

Michael Craig-Martin A Tricycle for Christmas 2016

Adam Dant Lucky You  2016

Grayson Perry Inoffensive Image  2016

Peter Saville Unknown Pleasures courtesy of Peter Saville and Joy Division

Raqib Shaw The Last Firefly Catcher (detail) 2016

Bob and Roberta Smith 'It's that time of year again' 2016, OxfamMichael Craig-Martin 'A Tricycle for Christmas' 2016, OxfamAdam Dant 'Lucky You!' 2016, OxfamGrayson Perry 'Inoffensive Image' 2016, OxfamPeter Saville 'Unknown Pleasures' courtesy of Peter Saville and Joy Division, OxfamRaqib Shaw 'The Last Firefly Catcher (detail)' 2016, Oxfam