I like working with museums, galleries, theatres, libraries – merging the contemporary, past, and future. They need defending and that is what Retail Culture is all about. Our company is dedicated to the design and manufacture of merchandise that reflects the soul of our clients’ organisations.

Kit Grover

Product Design and Manufacture

In an ever-changing retail marketplace, we create products that truly represent our clients. Equally important, we create products that fulfil their visitors’ desires.We do not brand or decorate generic merchandise. Everything we do is bespoke. We manufacture in Europe, Asia, the Far East and whenever possible in the UK. Our product works for all price points and budgets and in a broad range of situations:

Core merchandise
Special exhibitions
Theatre productions
Anniversaries and Events
Artists‘ products

Shop Design

We are opinionated about shop interiors too and our designs marry the inspirational with the practical – engaging with the public but simplifying operations for our clients’ staff.

Can we benefit your organisation?

We want to make profit for our clients and we want them to be proud of the process so we offer guidance on all aspects of retail. We are eager to work with any organization that we can benefit. Please Contact us to find out how we can work with you.